Sage CRM Customer Relationship Management

Sage CRM Insight-driven sales management

Sage CRM offers business owners and managers dedicated tools to gain a complete view of how their how sales teams are performing against targets. Visual reports, charts and dashboards enable at-a-glance assessments and informed decision-making.

Business Accelerators for Sales* help businesses accelerate sales performance and drive sales productivity. It works by providing managers in your business with comprehensive sales-oriented data and insight, built-in alerts, sales workflows, dashboards, sales performance charts and KPIs for more actionable decision-making.

Business Accelerators for Sales deliver powerful insight to optimize sales performance including:

  • Management Dashboards that display a range of KPIs, charts, reports and leaderboards for better insight and trend analysis.
  • Preconfigured alerts and notifications help ensure management are getting real-time updates on their business KPIs as they happen.
  • Sales workflows that can be optimised to suit your unique business needs. These include workflows for shorter sales cycles as well as longer sales processes and cross-selling.
  • Drive productivity across your sales team and make critical sales performance assessments and decisions rapidly.

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