Sage BusinessVision is a suite of business management and accounting solutions for growing companies. User-friendly, affordable, and expandable, Sage BusinessVision provides real-time information for better decision making and sophisticated reporting through a set of 15 fully integrated modules designed to automate processes, streamline business, raise productivity, and increase revenue.


Core Accounting modules

The backbone of your accounting solution and include Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, General Ledger, and Account Reconciliation.

Business Intelligence functionality

Provides insight into your data to help your business succeed and includes Sales Analysis, Purchase Analysis, Financial Reporting, and Find.

Manufacturing modules

Provide tools to improve your manufacturing processes and include Job Cost and Bill of Material.

Inventory modules

Helps you reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction by providing greater insight into inventory levels for your business and include Inventory Control, Order Entry, and Purchase Order.


Provides retail businesses with quicker transactions, more accurate orders, and quick access to inventory over a traditional cash register.


 Need information—we got it here! Sage BusinessVision Point of Sale is easy to deploy and has been tested on a number of industry-standard hardware solutions; add a piece at a time or buy the entire bundle. Roll out Sage BusinessVision with confidence, knowing your hardware investment is tested and fully supported.


Sage BusinessVision Payroll allows you to take control of your payroll process and eliminates the hassle of transferring data to third-party payroll services. Sage BusinessVision Payroll also allows you to customize the payroll process to meet your specific needs, by allowing you to define user-defined benefits and deductions, create departments, define different pay schedules, and more.

Budgets and forecasts

This module simplifies the creation of budgets and forecasts by allowing extensive manipulation of existing financial data, including previous and current year trends, budget, forecasts, and actual values. You can copy, move, and message data in an online, interactive environment. The advanced automatic forecasting capability projects revenue and expenses to the end of the year, providing you with an accurate view of your position and facilitating more informed decision making.


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